What's your story? Threads of human experience

Join Mount Royal University fourth-year students as they share stories about everything from art and music to death and loss and much more in between. In each documentary-style episode, hear the stories that have left ...more

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May 06, 2024 00:18:44
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“I don’t ever see it stopping unless he’s handicapped”

Not many people are lucky enough to receive a grand gesture on a regular basis, but for Shane Bassen, he wouldn’t let a day...



May 06, 2024 00:15:50
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“They really show us how people used to live and can help us understand the stories of people who came before us, good and bad.”

Sometimes history surrounds you, even if it no longer exists. Old architectural buildings hold clues to the past, telling the stories of those who...



May 06, 2024 00:19:52
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"If we're going to stop intergenerational trauma, somebody's gotta draw the line in the sand."

Every family has trauma. For generations, parents unknowingly passed their trauma down to their children. But with increasing mental health resources, trauma can be...



May 06, 2024 00:17:45
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“We knew what it felt like to lose — and we knew we didn't want to feel that way again.”

Hockey is the pride of Canada. The sport that unifies us all. And it’s a sport that draws people in from all over the...



May 06, 2024 00:11:38
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“It was one of the hardest decisions”

Shared conversations into the effects of job burnout, neurodivergence, art and how the determined decision to thread together separate passions can lead to a...



June 30, 2023 00:15:44
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“Talking about death does not kill you”

Many people fear death, and the reason why is simple — we don’t talk about it. While many of us avoid the topic of...